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Menopause 2.0

What is Menopause 2.0™?

Menopause 2.0 is a gateway to exchange—exchange of information, observations, insights, concerns, and best practices—the collective wisdom of menopausal health and wellness stakeholders. This platform disrupts the traditional consumer/healthcare professional/supplier model. It creates a new community in which collaboration guides sound decision making regarding the health, aesthetics, and total well-being of women, midlife and beyond.

Welcome to this health and wellness evolution! 
There are three ways to participate in this unique exchange.

Menopause 2.0 Survey

Open to all healthcare consumers who visit the website, we solicit and aggregate opinions on specific topics in our online survey. The output from these surveys is invaluable to those driving the field of menopause and other important issues that affect women, mid-life and beyond.

Menopause 2.0 Community

Open to all visitors to the website, the Menopause 2.0 Community is a unique place for conversation among the key stakeholders. A true collaboration, the Menopause 2.0 Community provides a place for open discourse on topics driven by the community.

The PearlsTM: Key Opinion Leader Programs

Menopause Alliance invites those who are interested in transforming the health and well-being of women by joining us as a Key Opinion Leader, an official, paid advisor to Menopause Alliance.

The Pearls of Wisdom™ program is designed to tap into the vast wisdom of women via multiple research activities such as surveys, focus groups, online collaborations, and in-person workshops. Pearls of Wisdom advisors are registered members of Menopause Alliance who have opted to join a select population who are potentially eligible for participation in specific research and educational programs. Pearls advisors are compensated for their valuable input.

The Clinical Pearls™ Key Opinion Leader program is a global network of experts in women’s health and aesthetics. If selected, you will share your insights and expertise through various advisory activities such as surveys, focus groups, and in-person meetings. All participants are compensated for their valuable time and involvement.

Joining Pearls and becoming a key opinion leader is easy. Simply Join Our Alliance and complete the short registration form. Already a Menopause Alliance member? Simply ask for Pearls registration via email at

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