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Corporate Advisory Board

The Corporate Advisory Board focuses on providing intellectual input to Menopause Alliance and identifying educational needs. As a Corporate Advisory Board member, your company will have the opportunity to nominate a representative to join other global companies at board meetings in order to exchange ideas with our multidisciplinary team of clinical and scientific experts and drive the field of menopause.

All Corporate Advisory Board members will be invited to participate in an annual meeting as well as specialized private forums and will have exclusive opportunities to partner with our Medical Advisory Board and other experts in the field of menopause. These sessions provide the board members with immediate feedback and perspectives on medical and scientific breakthroughs. Additionally, Corporate Advisory Board members are prominently acknowledged on our website, are given preferential sponsorship opportunities, and are able to provide educational materials for distribution via Menopause Alliance and our website.

Joining the Board

Board membership applications are accepted based on your company’s demonstrated commitment to the health, aesthetics, and total well-being for women entering midlife and beyond. Membership is tiered and based on your company’s annual sales and revenue. Board members will also be required to pay annual dues to maintain membership.

For more information on becoming a Corporate Advisory Board member, please contact:

Mary Beth Woodin, President

Menopause Alliance
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